Cruising on a Borneo River

Have you watched an Anaconda movie? Well, for those of you who want to feel the experience like in this movie come to Tanjung Putting National Park in Central Kalimantan, the only difference is you will not stay on the boat followed by giant snake but on the boat crossing the river full of crocodiles.

The journey starts from Kumai Harbor where we have to use a wooden boat or called klotok by the locals, on this boat we will stay for a few days trip along the Sekonyer River. Although only wooden vessels, but the facilities serve during the voyage at the largest orangutan conservation center in the world is also very complete, in the day the roof of the boat into a relaxing place to enjoy the scenery is still beautiful, equipped with lounge chairs and dining table. Even there are some boats that provide hammocks.

As the sun began to set the top of the boat was transformed into a floating hotel, the soft mattresses will be prepared by the crew of the boat equipped with mosquito nets to protect from mosquito attacks.

Sleeping in the outdoors without the noise of motor vehicles, only the sound of nature is a pleasure we should enjoy in this place.

Borneo river

The service of the five star restaurants we will feel when it arrives at lunchtime, a variety of local food is served by the female chefs on the klotok. Western toilets and modern showers have been integrated with this wooden vessel, there are even some boats equipped by hot and cool shower.

Upon arriving at one of the camps, we will walk to feeding places through a varied walkway, from bushy roads to lush and mossy forests.

Borneo’s typical Flora like the pitcher plant will be easily encountered during the trip. Do not forget to use the mosquito repellent before starting the journey, because once you arrive at a feeding place that is smelted from the sun in Pondok Harapan, the naughty mosquitoes will immediately suck your blood.

Want a different adventure? Try to rent a smaller kelotok, from Camp Pondok Tanggui to Camp Lakey taken for approximately 45 minutes will become invisible. Sometimes we will meet with a crocodile on the riverbank.

For those of you who are adventurous, do not hesitate to come to Pangkalan Bun and visit Tanjung Puting National Park, an Indiana Jones adventure with the bonus of meeting the increasingly rare Orangutans await you here.



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