We are greeted by the splash of black water from the Sebangau River. Black, yet fresh. The black water of the Sebangau River is not only unique to ordinary eyes like me. This water is at the same time the life of various types of flora such as ironwood trees, black orchids, and Nephentes aka

Sebangau National Park has an area of ​​approximately 568,700 hectares. There are many natural resources that are owned in the park. Starting from hundreds of plant species, bird species, dozens of snake species and various types of mammals. Administratively, Sebangau National Park is located in Palangka Raya, Katingan Regency, Pulang Pisau Regency, Central Kalimantan. This

About 40 kilometers from Palangkaraya City, there is a small village called Bukit Rawi. The village is even older than Palangkaraya City itself because the first person to establish Pahandut Village (Originally from Palangkaraya City) came from Bukit Rawi. Some old buildings still stand here, even though they look old and unkempt but still stand