Komodo National Park is Open for Indonesian Tourist

After passing the opening of phase one, Komodo National Park immediately enters the opening of the second phase for tourists.

Previously, Komodo National Park was only allowed to be visited by local tourists from West Manggarai, in the second phase Indonesian domestic tourists and expatriates were allowed to visit starting August 15 2020.

“In the second phase, all Indonesian citizens from anywhere, then expatriates from all over Indonesia who have been there since March 2020 or before, can enter the Komodo National Park area,” said Public Relations Officer of the Komodo National Park, Muhammad Ikbal Putera.

Ikbal also explained, previously in the first phase, Komodo National Park could only be visited by tourists from West Manggarai and foreign tourists who had been in Labuan Bajo since March or earlier.

In this second stage, a number of new simulations were carried out, such as an online booking system, tourist restrictions and others. As for the first phase, Komodo National Park was only opened to the people of NTT.

Entering the second phase, Komodo National Park is open to foreign tourists and expats starting August 15 (1).

In line with the protocol related to COVID-19, TN Komodo also enforces ticket reservations with an online system through registration.labuanbajoflores.id.

In addition, there are several sites or tourist objects that are restricted or given quotas. Examples include diving spots in Batu Bolong, Karang Makassar, Mauwan and Siaba Besar. Apart from that, there is no special quota.

For tourists who want to visit Komodo National Park, they are also required to implement the CHS (Clean, Health, and Safety) protocol and attach a COVID-19 (Rapid Test or PCR) free certificate that is valid at the time of visit.


August 27, 2020
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