Have you ever seen an orangutan in person? Or maybe interact directly with them? Maybe some of you have found an orangutan in a zoo. Did you know that it is more exciting to watch orangutans in their natural habitat. It turns out that in Indonesia there is a national park, the first orangutan rehabilitation

Sangalaki Island is one of the tourist attractions in the Derawan Islands, East Kalimantan. The Derawan Islands, whose original inhabitants are mostly fishermen and make a living from fish and marine products, are one of the enchanting marine tourism destinations in Indonesia. Derawan is rich with various beaches, small islands, diving points and other tourist

Derawan Island is one of the four large islands in the Derawan Archipelago which is a famous tourist attraction for its maritime beauty. In Derawan Islands, there are Sangalaki, Maratua, Kakaban and Derawan Islands which are often used as beach tourism spots, diving spots, snorkeling spots and other marine tourism activities. Derawan Beach is one

So far, we only know Tanjung Puting National Park as a location to see Orangutans in Kalimantan or Central Kalimantan in particular. However, it turns out that other National Parks that have not been considered as a tourist destination for Orangutans also have enormous potential. The name is Sebangau National Park, is only 20 minutes

The three hour and a half journey was long with a path that was almost impossible for an ordinary car without an experienced driver, once it rained, the dirt road would become as smooth as soap. Only double garden cars are recommended to go through this road, apart from travel and residents who pass here

We are greeted by the splash of black water from the Sebangau River. Black, yet fresh. The black water of the Sebangau River is not only unique to ordinary eyes like me. This water is at the same time the life of various types of flora such as ironwood trees, black orchids, and Nephentes aka

A small ex car engine mounted on a small boat that we were riding howled when passing through the rocks scattered in the middle of the river. While the captain’s hands, looks busy controlling the boat, avoiding wood or stone under the surface of the water that can tear the hull of the boat that