After passing the opening of phase one, Komodo National Park immediately enters the opening of the second phase for tourists. Previously, Komodo National Park was only allowed to be visited by local tourists from West Manggarai, in the second phase Indonesian domestic tourists and expatriates were allowed to visit starting August 15 2020. “In the

In Labuan Bajo, you will feel a complete traveling sensation. Starting from marine tourism, cultural tourism, to seeing animals from ancient times. Not only that, Labuan Bajo also saves many beautiful destinations that can be the perfect getaway to unwind after busy daily activities. Here we provide reasons why you should go to Labuan Bajo.

The phenomenal Komodo Island is located in the East Nusa Tenggara Province. The island of original habitat of Komodo, is also included in the Komodo National Park area along with other small islands such as Padar Island, Rinca Island, Montang Island, and many other small islands. Komodo Island itself is located in the District of

To visit the Komodo National Park everybody will be charged an entrance fee according to the activity you will do. Komodo is one of the National Parks with the most types of entrance tickets in Indonesia, there are entrance tickets, trekking tickets, wildlife observation tickets, trekking tickets, snorkeling tickets, boat tickets, ranger fees for trekking

So far, most of us know that there are only 7 beaches with pink sand in the world based on articles written on the internet. But apparently, in the Komodo National Park itself there are many pink sand beaches. Call it Pink Beach and Namong Beach on Komodo Island, Serai Beach on Rinca Island, several

You know Komodo right? But not all of you know how to get there. In this article we will explain how  to make it easier for you to visit one of the wonders of the world. There are several ways that we can do to get to Komodo National Park, which of course we must first go