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Derawan Island is one of the four large islands in the Derawan Archipelago which is a famous tourist attraction for its maritime beauty. In Derawan Islands, there are Sangalaki, Maratua, Kakaban and Derawan Islands which are often used as beach tourism spots, diving spots, snorkeling spots and other marine tourism activities. Derawan Beach is one of the best spots.

Derawan Island has been nominated as a world heritage site to UNESCO. Naturally, because this island has a lot of beauty. The main attraction is the underwater park with views of coral reefs and various types of rare fish including manta rays. So that many tourist services, one of which is Derawan Tour, makes this location a recommendation.

Derawan Beach is only one of the many tourist spots that can be visited on the Derawan Islands. Even so, this beach is no less interesting and has many choices of activities to enjoy. Check out various information related to Derawan Beach below.
Derawan Island

Administratively, Derawan Beach is located in the Derawan Islands, Berau Regency, East Kalimantan. Derawan Islands is indeed famous as one of the marine tourism destinations in Indonesia with its natural beauty under the sea and a variety of turtle captivity and spots to see Manta rays. This area is well known and even visited by foreign tourists.
Derawan Island is nicknamed the pristine island because until now it is still naturally preserved without any development that has ruined its beauty. Because of that, you can also imagine how beautiful the beaches on this island are. From this beach, you can also witness the amazing beauty of other islands.

The area where this beach is located was recently developed to become a tourist village by the local government. This area is one of 15 regions that use the DMO system, a destination management organization. Local residents also participate in this development so that they help to preserve the natural surroundings.
Derawan Beach

Derawan Beach looks very exotic because it is in an archipelago in the middle of the ocean. White sand and blue sea make this beach one of the marine tourism objects worth visiting in Indonesia. Like the Derawan islands, this beach is also one of the places to see the beauty of its underwater ecosystem.
Most tourists visit this beach on purpose to enjoy their diving spots. Coral reefs and marine life are still relatively well preserved and fertile. Many unique and rare fish are found, including one that is rare is the presence of green turtles.

On the beaches on this island, turtle ecosystems are often found. In fact, this island is said to be one of the safer places where turtles live compared to several other places in Southeast Asia. Sangalaki Island is one of the places in the Derawan Archipelago which is the largest turtle breeding ground in Southeast Asia.

What often becomes curious about tourists with turtles around this beach is the process of laying their eggs. When laying their eggs, the turtles must appear around the beach and deposit their eggs in the beach sand until they hatch. This activity can be seen at night. It takes 50 days for the turtle to hatch and return to the sea.
For tourists who enjoy this beach, to see the natural beauty under the sea, they can do snorkeling and diving activities. The difference is, snorkeling only sees from the surface of the sea, while diving can take a closer look at the various coral reefs and rare fish found at the dive sites on Derawan Beach.

During certain seasons, when diving, you will be surrounded by small and rare fish which cluster. Very unique to be a photo collection when taken. In addition, tourists also take pictures around the beach and sea. To take pictures at sea, tourists can rent a speed boat that will take tourists around the Derawan Islands.

If you just want to relax and enjoy the beach, tourists can stay and watch the sunset and sunrise at this location. It is not uncommon for this place with its lodging facilities to be used as a honeymoon location for tourists.
Additional information
To go to Derawan Island from outside the area can be reached through several routes, via air and via sea. The route via air usually goes to the airport in Balikpapan or the airport in Samarinda. Meanwhile, via sea, the usual route is Surabaya. The location of this island is in the easternmost part of Kalimantan and is close to North Kalimantan.

Untuk para wisatawan yang ingin membawa pulang oleh-oleh, di area pantai atau di sekitarnya terdapat berbagai souvenir yang merupakan kerajinan tangan yang dibuat oleh warga suku Bajou. Souvenir ini dibanderol dengan harga mulai dari Rp. 50.000. Harga ini terbilang cukup murah.

Untuk memasuki lokasi wisata Pantai Derawan, ternyata para pengunjung tidak dikenakan biaya retribusi. Sedangkan untuk penginapan yang ada di sekitar pantai, harganya mulai dari Rp. 600.000. Anda juga bisa berwisata dengan memanfaatkan jasa paket wisata untuk lebih memudahkan kunjungan dan akomodasi Anda di sini.

Itu dia berbagai informasi terkait Pantai Derawan. Keindahan yang ada di sekitarnya memang tidak lepas dari pesona pulaunya yang menakjubkan. Di sekitar pulau ini masih terdapat berbagai spot wisata lainnya yang tidak kalah menarik untuk dikunjungi. Simak informasinya di halaman

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