5 Things to Do n Pangkalan Bun

For those of you who want to just wait before and after traveling to Tanjung Puting National Park or on vacation, don’t worry that there are already direct flights to Pangkalan Bun, or those who want to save money can take a boat to Kumai, now access to Sweet City is not that difficult, then if you go to Pangkalan Bun, what things do you love to miss? Here is the list:

  1. Culinary Tour

Indeed, Javanese cuisine is more dominant here, no need to worry, you can still taste the typical food of West Kotawaringin, namely Coto Manggala, many have been selling, this food made from cassava costs only Rp. 7 thousand. many times right.

  1. City Tour

If your time is limited because tomorrow you have to go, calm down there are some interesting places that you can visit such as visiting the Yellow Palace, Astana Mangkubumi, along the river, Kampung Pelangi, Pancasila Roundabout, Betang House and many more. You can use an online motorcycle taxi service, but not Grab, don’t worry about getting stuck in traffic here, the traffic flow is controlled smoothly, unless there are only big events.

  1. CFD (Car Free Day)

Car Free Day is available every Sunday, almost 75 percent of the contents are people selling food, so if you want to find food, just stop by the CFD, the location is on Jl. H, M Rafii, Pancasila Roundabout area, in CFD you can have a culinary tour, exercise, or buy household necessities because here not only food but clothes, vegetables are also here.

  1. Coffee at the cafe

In Pangkalan Bun, there are already a lot of well-known cafes here, one of which is Itut Kadut Company or IKC, so coffee lovers can stop by the cafes in Pangkalan Bun, almost the average cafe here sells coffee, even there is already a Liberika coffee plantation in the Kumpai Batu Bawah area. Don’t forget to stop by.

  1. Souvenir

Going home without bringing souvenirs is not so exciting, yes, you can buy souvenirs in the form of orang-utan shirts or bruta bracelets, it can also be in the form of snacks such as Amplang, Wadai Ilat Sapi, Tole – Tole and many more.

So, don’t worry when your vacation is limited by time because you have to quickly get back to your routine. Going around in the city is fun, not to mention playing to the beach or to the Tanjung Puting National Park, well, make sure if your vacation is long, stop by at the beach or to TNTP. See you at Pangkalan Bun.


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