Group Tour (Open Trip) versus Private Tour: The Different

When you are browsing the tour in Indonesia, you often see tour operators who sell tour packages write there are open trips and there are also private trips on their packages. Open trip is what we call for group tour or sharing tour in Indonesia. Well, here we will explain in more detail the difference between what is an open trip and what is a private trip.

Scheduled Date versus Departing Anytime

For open trips the departure date is usually specially scheduled, we as participants just need to choose a predetermined date and then just register on the schedule. Some have to require how many people who have to be registered can only depart there are also those without a minimum number of participants. We ourselves on Be Borneo Tour have an open trip that guarantee departs according to the schedule without the minimum number of participants and at the same price for Komodo Tour and Orangutan Tour.

While taking a private trip package, we can choose our own date according to our vacation schedule. Usually open trips are only available during weekends but with private we can decide to leave on weekends but also on weekdays according to the day we want.

Combined with Others versus Your Own 

On an open trip we will usually be combined with other people we do not know on the same boat even in one room if you choose a sharing cabin. Although in general they don’t know each other, but usually fellow open trip participants will quickly get close because they have the same interest, which is traveling. In fact, not infrequently there are cinlok or fall in love with other open trip participants.

By choosing a private trip package, during the trip there is only our group on the boat. For example, a private trip for two people, there are only two guests on the boat. It is suitable for this honeymoon or enjoying time with family / friends so that no one will disturb our privacy during the trip. The boat for 2 or 3 days trip feels like it’s own home and is served by experienced boat crew.

Fixed prices versus flattered numbers of people

Open trips usually have a fixed price, we register 1 or 4 people the price remains the same without any reduction or addition. Likewise with the total participants who will depart. By choosing Be Borneo Tour as a tour operator even though there are only 1 or two people we still depart with the same price. If you are lucky, it can be an open trip with a tested of private trip, but when it is crowded, one boat with a capacity of 12 can be full.

For private tour it means we charter a boat for ourselves, there will be differences depending on the number of people leaving. The less it will be the more expensive the price per person and the more the cheaper the price per person, even cheaper than the price of open trip.

Is there another difference you know? Just comment below.

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