Tips Before Hiring a Boat for Komodo Tour

One of the important things to prepare before exploring Komodo National Park is the boat, a home for a couple days during the saling trip . Here are some tips about renting a boat in Labuan Bajo:

  • Go show or booking online

Boat tour can be booked in advance before arriving in Labuan Bajo or you could find it when you arrive. Booking the boat in advance is good option if you don’t have many time in Indonesia, once you arrive you could start the boat tour immediately. There are boats owners or tour operator offering the boat online like on If you want to book the boat on the spot you have to spare your time for 1 or 2 day to look for the boat, there is a risk of not get a boat because all the boat is fully booked, especially in a high season on June-September. Of course it’s a pity to go all the way to Flores but then canceled to visit Komodo Island or Rinca Island because doesn’t get a boat. But during the low season you can see by yourself the boat at the harbor before deciding to book the boat.

  • Boat types

There are various types of boat can be rented. Starting from the small boat to big boat large, from cheap to exvensive and luxury boat.

Some small boat like open deck boat doesn’t have cabin for sleeping. For medium boat with cabin, some only with fan inside but mostly with AC inside the cabin. More expensive boat or commonly named as Phinisi boat is more expensive, they even has the bathroom inside the cabin, just like a hotel. When negotiating, make sure you ask about the type and facilities of the boat in order don’t be disappointed later when you arrive on the boat.

Usually for sailing Komodo Island and surrounding areas it takes at least 2 days 1 night. You can go to Komodo Island 1 day round trip, but will be very rushed and lack of enjoying the trip. In addition there are many there are beautiful islands and various destinations. Of course it’s hard to miss it. Well, because of the possibility of staying overnight then of course the comfort might be a little especially necessary if you go with your family. Don’t forget to ask the facility like the how many people could take on in, the toilet, is it include snorkeling gear, etc.

  • Boat Rental Prices

Different type of boat of course different price, you get what you paid. But you could choose depend on expectation during the trip, we recommend to book a small boat or medium boat with AC cabin for your maximum experience and rest after some exhausted trekking and snorkeling. If you expect more comport and luxury the Phinisi boat is the best option. The range for the boat with AC cabin is starting from IDR 3.000.000 per day, this price usually for boat only exclude English guide, car transfer, snorkeling equipment and entrance fee. For Phinisi boat there is some type of it, from IRD 10.000.000 per day until IDR 150.000.000 is available, depends on the facility of the boat. More people is more for the price because its already include the food during the trip.

  • Food during the trip

For boat rental usually include food, mostly serve in buffet and cooked freshly every day before the time. There will be one or two crews on the boat is being the cook or chef to provide the food. They mostly serve western food for breakfast and local food for dinner and lunch. If you have any allergy or special need like vegetarian food, vegan food, or even gluten free for you should tell them before the trip so the crew could prepare for it.

  • Boat trip itinerary

This is one of the most important thing to discuss is about the itinerary of program during the tour. What island or tourism spot in Komodo National Park you want to visit you could tell them and they could arrange the best route to visit it. The trip using the boat is not the same like using the car on land. The time between one island to another island could not same every trip because of the weather, wave and current of the sea.

For boat rental around Komodo National Park you contact us, we have some small, medium and big boat for your trip. Just click Whatsapp icon on the corner  or  contact detail on the bottom of this website. We could provide boat rental only or all include trip.


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