Long Beach, One of the Pink Beaches in Komodo National Park

So far, most of us know that there are only 7 beaches with pink sand in the world based on articles written on the internet. But apparently, in the Komodo National Park itself there are many pink sand beaches. Call it Pink Beach and Namong Beach on Komodo Island, Serai Beach on Rinca Island, several beaches on Padar Island and one of them is called Long Beach, and many others are still rarely visited and not named. One thing is for sure, all the beaches on the sand look pink.

Actually, these beaches look pink because of the mixing of white and red sand, it will be seen when the sand is wet with sea water that is blown by waves. Red sand is formed from a type of coral reef that dies and then crumbles into red granules and stranded on the beach. Not surprisingly, the pink beaches usually have good coral reefs, making them a favorite snorkeling spot for tourists. One of the beaches frequented now is Long Beach.

This beach is on Padar Island, there are several beaches that extend to the south of the island. Its long shape makes people call it Long Beach. Many and the length of the beach makes tourists can feel the beach is more private and does not have to jostle with others like Pink Beach on the island of Komodo. That’s why Live on Board tourist ships stop by here and make it as a major destination.

Satisfied with the photos and enjoying the beach, tourists can continue down to the sea to snorkel and enjoy the underwater beauty around Long Beach which is very beautiful. The colorful and varied coral reefs are made by fish as a home and place to find food.

It is recommended to snorkel here by following the ocean currents so that it is not too tired to pedal, we only have to float then the body will move on its own to follow the current. For example, the flow from the left toward the right beach, we can walk first towards the left end then start snorkeling from there. Do not forget to pay attention to the surroundings so do not get too far out of the beach area and can be dragged to the open sea.

Returning from Pink Beach, don’t forget the personal belongings that were previously taken down to the beach and to bring back all the trash like plastic bottles and anything that can ruin the beauty.


November 5, 2020
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