Tanjung Puting National Park, The Best Place To See The Orangutan

Curious to see orangutans directly in their habitat? You can visit Tanjung Puting National Park in West Kotawaringin Regency, Central Kalimantan, this is the largest orangutan conservation in the world.

When visiting Tanjung Puting, you can see directly the lives of endangered orangutans living in the wild. There are three sub-species of orangutans in Kalimantan that have been identified, namely Pongo pygmaeus pygmaeus, Pongo pygmaeus wurmbii, and Pongo pygmaeus morio. Pongo pygmaeus wurmbii is a sub-species with the largest relative body size while Pongo pygmaeus morio is a sub-species with the smallest relative body size.

Orangutans are the largest arboreal mammal with long, tangled dark red brown hair. His face is pink, red, to black. Adult male weight can reach 50 to 90kg and height 1.25 to 1.5 m. While the female weighs 30-50kg and height up to 1m.

The locations to see orangutans are Tanjung Harapan, Pondok Tanggui, and Camp Leakey, the largest preservation site in Tanjung Puting. At feedingtimes, park rangers will call orangutans with a special voice, then they start arriving from various directions and then scramble to get food. Besides orangutans, you can also see some endemic animals such as proboscis monkeys, bears, bobcat, mouse deer, and tiger.

Traveling to Tanjung Puting is quite easy, every day flights from the airlines Nam Air and Trigana Air fly from Jakarta to Pangkalan Bun and Wings Air from Semarang to Pangkalan Bun. From Pangkalan Bun to Kumai District, Tanjung Puting location, you can take a taxi. Then you can start exploring the national park with wooden motorized boats called klotok.

The best way to visit Tanjung Puting National Park is using a klotok boat. Why is it called the klotok? Because sound from the engine is like “tok-tok-tok” so the local people gave the name of the klotok boat. This klotok boat is a quite convenient for transportation. Klotok boat carry 2 to 13 passengers. The speed of this ship is also not too fast, so we can enjoy the atmosphere along the Sekonye. With this boat the tourist can enjoy the sunset, fireflies and wild animals that are sometimes seen on the river’s edge.

Most of the visitors to Tanjung Puting National Park are foreign tourists. The large number of foreign tourists who come here makes the people of Pangkalan Bun and Tanjung Puting National Park further improve their services. One example is when tourists on the klotok, the service is not inferior to the service of a five-star hotel. Friendly tour guide and boat captain. The cooking is also very good if we compare with big city standards. This may be because they are accustomed to serving foreign tourists so that the standard of service quality remains good. So even if it’s night, we can sleep comfortably on the klotok boat accompanied by mosquito nets.

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