The First Destination: Kalor Island

Kelor Island is one of the closest islands from Labuan Bajo, making it the first or last destination when sailing trips in the Komodo National Park. From Labuan Bajo Harbor, the journey to Kelor Island takes 45 minutes to one hour, depending on the speed of the boat we use.

During the trip, after passing various kinds of ships that lean in the mooring around the Harbor we will enter the sea with blue water. On the left is still the Flores plain that stretches to the end on Rinca Island.

Arriving at Kelor Island, we will be welcomed by clean white sand. The shallow waters are turquoise and the parts that have blackish coral if we see from above.

The main activity that can be done here is to climb the highest peak of Kelor Island. Greeted by a rocky road, we begin the climb along the rather steep terrain with 30-45 degrees. There are no stairs available here, we must be careful not to slip down. It is recommended to wear sandals or shoes with a sole that has a grip so it can grip on the ground. One of the tips to be safer is to step on rocks or grass mounds.

Arriving at the top, all the struggles when climbing will pay off. We can see the perfect combination of views of the trees at the bottom of the island, which is surrounded by white sand. Blue sea with a background of a triangle-shaped hill that is green in the rainy season and brown in the dry season.

Once satisfied with enjoying the scenery and photos, the trip down no less challenging because we will return with the same path, even for some people going down is a harder than going up. For those who are afraid of heights, it is advisable to go down while sitting down, this method is safer from the risk of slipping.

Besides trekking, we also enjoy Kelor Island by snorkelling, although the coral reefs are not too much, but we can swim with a variety of fish, from colorful ones to naughty fish and try to bite.

For those who do not want to play water could relax or enjoy the sun from the beach and trying young coconuts sold by local residents, don’t forget to throw the rubbish to the place until we don’t pollute this island and make it no longer interesting.

Happy responsible travel!


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