How to get to Komodo National Park

You know Komodo right? But not all of you know how to get there. In this article we will explain how  to make it easier for you to visit one of the wonders of the world.

There are several ways that we can do to get to Komodo National Park, which of course we must first go to the city of Labuan Bajo which is on the western tip of Flores island, East Nusa Tenggara.

We will discuss how to get to Labuan Bajo from the easiest route, which is by air by plane to land and sea. As for the Komodo island tour from Jakarta, you can click this link.

Heading to Labuan Bajo by air

Here I emphasize traveling via air by passenger plane, because if you have a private plane or a flying dragon, just mention the destination right up to it. I think the flight to Labuan Bajo is one of the most beautiful flights in Indonesia because before landing we can see small islands surrounded by blue sea.

From Jakarta, those who want direct flights can use there some direct flight by Bati Air and Garuda Indonesia, in addition you have to transit in Denpasar, Bali. From Bali, then proceed directly to Labuan Bajo. Likewise with those who come from other cities, you must first fly to Bali first and then proceed to Labuan Bajo.

Actually there are also other direct flights such as from Kupang, but if you are from central and western Indonesia, that is the easiest route.

By Land

For those who have a lot of time can choose land routes or overland, but this part requires strong physical because the trip by bus or car is taken for days.

For those who want to take public transportation, they can take the bus from Denpasar, wherever you come from, then proceed with a bus from Denpansar to Labuan Bajo, Bus fees from Denpasar to Labuan Bajo around 500,000-600,000 through various islands such as Lombok and Sumbawa.

By Sea

This route is the cheapest route to Labuan Bajo, there are several PELNI Ships that stop at the port of Labuan Bajo. Among them KM. Wilis, KM. Kelimutu, KM. Sirimau, KM.Tilongkabila. You can start from Surabaya or other cities visited by the boat mentioned above. For schedule updates and prices, please contact the Pelni office, but it is usually enough to reach Labuan Bajo.

Now, after arriving in Labuan Bajo, just find a way to get to Komodo National Park. The only way to get to Komodo Island is by boat, you can rent a boat from Labuan Bajo or for one to 4 people better join the ppen trip held by several tour operators. You are ready for a new sensation, the Komodo dragon tour . Open trip is to join another traveler on the same schedule. But for those who have other budgets, you can rent your own boat or take a private tour that has all been prepared by the tour operator.

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June 7, 2020
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