Rules in Tanjung Puting National Park

As a National Park, Tanjung Puting area also has rules that must be obeyed for tourists who visit. Here are some rules that must be known before entering the National Park area.

  1. If going to the forest must be with guide or ranger.
  2. Obey instructions from the Guide or the officers in the field.
  3. Do not make a fire.
  4. Not taking or disturbing animals and plants from the Park area.
  5. Not fishing and carrying sharp weapons.
  6. Do not touch or disturb Orangutans.
  7. Do not feed Orangutans.
  8. No swimming in the river because many of its crocodile.
  9. Do not eat or drink in front of Orangutans and keep food and drink in your bag.
  10. For the safety of yourself and others please keep your safe distance from the Orangutan (about 5 meters).
  11. Do not uses flash when taking photos, especially baby Orangutan.
  12. Do not be between male and female orangutans.
  13. You have to get special permit to fly drone
  14. Bring garbage (including cigarette nipples) with you.

Thus are some regulations that must be adhered to when in the area of ​​Tanjung Puting National Park (TNTP). Let us together keep the sustainability of Orangutan whose existence is increasingly threatened and rare so that our children and grandchildren do not just hear but can still see for themselves whose name is Orangutan.


July 29, 2018
Thank you for this post! Humans need to respect all natural habitats :)

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